23 April, 2017

How to beat homesickness

Moving to another country is a wonderful experience, but it can be an emotional rollercoaster. Homesickness can suddenly occur, even if you’ve never felt it before! When I got homesick out of the blue, I had no idea what to do and what I really wanted. I decided to work hard to get rid of it, as it stopped me from enjoying my time here!

Meet up with people from your country

Of course you should speak the language of the country you’re in, but to sometimes just relax and not have to think about talking can be very relaxing. When you’re talking to someone from your own country it just feels like home for a short time. This really helped me feeling more at home in Sweden, because I found a healthy balance between giving up my old habits, and getting new ones.

Understand the Swedish culture

If you don’t understand or don’t want to understand the Swedish culture, you’re gonna have a hard time. You need to be a part of the society, otherwise you’ll always feel like you’re left out. It can be quite hard because you’re so used to your old habits (and people always think that the habits from their country are “better” and “normal), but it’s absolutely necessary and worth it! Like I said before, you need to find a healthy balance (this balance has to be more on the side of Sweden though).


When you start feeling sad, keep yourself busy

Might be a bit too obvious, but often when you start to feel homesick you tend to make it even worse. I started listening to songs from my childhood, looking at pictures, thinking about the good memories, etc. This only made it much worse! Instead, now I either go for a run (exercising is really the best way as it gives you endorphins so you feel happier!) or I just go shopping, meet up with friends.

Pick a date on which you want to go back to your country

Okay this might be difficult financially, but if you have this possibility, you should really do it! For me the insecurity played a big role in feeling homesick, because I just didn’t know when I would see my family again and be home. If you have a date, you can really just focus on that and start the count down! However, again, don’t think too much about it! Only be happy about the fact that you’re going home soonish, but do your best to be happy right now.

Try to find support of the people around you

Not everyone understand how serious homesickness can be. People who say you can control it simply never had it, probably because they never moved to another country. You might feel very lonely, but tell the people around you that you feel homesick sometimes! They will most likely try to cheer you up and help you through it, which is exactly what you need. You’re not alone!

These are some really easy tips, but of course most of it is very personal. Homesickness is a very serious problem and can really make your life hard, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise! You’re not alone in this. Did you feel homesick when you moved to Sweden? How did you deal with it? Let me know! 🙂

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Hey! I'm Lydia, a 19 year old Dutch girl living in Stockholm. I try to write many helpful posts to help younger people who recently moved to Sweden to get to know the country and how everything works here!

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