2 October, 2019

How to Embrace Autumn

كيف تحتضن الخريف

The days are getting shorter, the temperature falls, and now that October begins, we realize summer is definitely over. Some people might want to go into hibernation and wake up when it is summer again. But for me, autumn is one of my favorite times of the year.
Let me take try to convince you why this season is lovely. And also let me share some tips on how to make the best out of the coming months and what you can do to not fall into a “post-summer” depression.

Autumn kickstarts mysigness

It is officially acceptable to bring back all those candles and cozy blankets that were in boxes all summer. Light those candles, and drink a hot cup of tea, while you hear the wind blowing outside. This is perfect for relaxing and helps you living mindfully.

On the food side, there is a lot of dishes that are coming back now that it’s colder outside. There is nothing better than a hot pumpkin or mushroom soup when you get back home to warm you up. Also, other traditional Swedish dishes are perfect for warming you up, and give you that feeling of coziness, like kålpudding.

Sweden is very well known for being “mysig”, so take advantage of this! At a lot of stores, you can buy candles and other small things to make your home a cozy place.

House with red leaves on the wall.
Lund in Autumn.

Enjoy the colors of autumn

On beautiful autumn days, take the chance and go for a walk in a closeby piece of forest. Walking through a wood that is colored in warm autumn colors and kicking through those fallen leaves will make you forget summer! Due to the freshness and coldness, the air now in autumn is much crisper. Your circulation will be stimulated, which will you make more awake and happy. If you need some inspiration on how autumn in Sweden looks like, you can see photos from a fellow Newbie blogger here.

National park in autumn, with many trees in colours
Söderråsen in Autumn.

It doesn’t matter if it’s just a short walk or a longer hike. The important part is that you spend time outdoors. You can either go to your local park, the closest nature reserve or to a national park. If you live in Skåne, Söderråsen national Park and Målklåppen nature reserve should definitely be on your list to visit this autumn! Söderråsen is beautiful with all its colorful trees and easy to get to with public transport. Måkläppen is a nature reserve that is only open from November to January, and you have the chance to see seals there!
Don’t forget to put on those cozy hats and scarfs to keep you warm on those walks.

Sea in autumn with seals
Seals laying on the beach at Måkläppen.

Explore all the festivals and activities happening in autumn

Yes, summer is over, but this doesn’t mean life is put on hold. During autumn, there is a lot of events happening. Look out for the closest “Pumpahelg”, where local farmers are selling their fresh pumpkins in all different shapes. Autumn also means its time for Halloween. Even if you are not a big fan of this American tradition, visit any of the Tivolis during autumn. They are usually beautifully decorated, my favorite is Tivoli in Copenhagen! Also, there is both an international food festival (even in Uppsala, Södertälje, Kalmar) and a beer festival in Malmö. Or how about going to any of the countless Octoberfests that are organized?

Do you love autumn as well? What is your favourite part of Autumn?

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Michaela Roth
My name is Michaela and I grew up surrounded by mountains in Switzerland. When I moved to flat Lund to do my Ph.D., I initially thought it would only be for the 4 years that it takes to obtain this degree. Of course, life had other plans, and falling in love with a Swede changed my life completely. I am passionate about science, outdoor activities, and balancing multicultural traditions.

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