12 December, 2018

7 out of 10 get a job after an internship with Jobbsprånget


Are you an academic newbie looking for an opportunity to build your professional network and get your career started in Sweden? Then, this may be your chance. Jobbsprånget is now looking for candidates for internships in the field of Engineering, Science, Architecture, Business and Finance, starting this summer. The application period is open July 16th – August 16th 2020.

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Jobbsprånget is an internship program for newcomer academics, with the purpose to speed up the entry to working life. The program is run by the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences (IVA), and has been proven successful- 7 out of 10 get a job after the internship!

If you are selected to the program, you will be working for 4 months as an intern. You will be connected to an employer that needs your specific skills and competence. Currently, 150 employers are participating in the program and internships are offered all over the country. The ambition of Jobbsprånget is to offer 4 000 internships in Sweden over the next 4 years. What better way to get job experience, show off your skills and to start building your professional network in Sweden?

Hear Issam, a Jobbsprånget intern at Swedavia, share his experience of the program.

Can I apply to Jobbsprånget?

In order to apply to Jobbsprånget you have to fulfill the following criteria:

  • You must have an academic degree in engineering, science, architecture or business/finance (bachelor, master or higher degree).
  • You have proficient English language skills, both spoken and written.
  • You are registered at Arbetsförmedlingen (the Swedish Employment Agency).
  • You are a college graduates born outside of Europe (even other foreign graduates, but not with student visa)

For more information about the program or if you have any questions, contact Jobbsprånget directly at

Why should I apply to Jobbsprånget?

An internship through Jobbsprånget will connect you with Swedish employers in need of your specific competence. This will give you:

  • Relevant work experience within your professional work field (experience that can be crucial for future employment in Sweden).
  • Valuable contacts and a chance to meet Swedish colleagues and friends (an effective way to build a professional network in Sweden)

Jobbsprånget was my key to open the door to the Swedish job market.
Issam, IT-engineer from Syria and Jobbsprånget intern at Swedavia.

Where would I do my internship?

Many Swedish employers participate in Jobbsprånget. Some of the employers currently taking part in the program are:

SKF, Nordic Choice, Northvolt, RE Equity Partners AB, Castellum, Volvo Group, ÅF, Hogia, Truecaller, Norrvatten and Swedegas

Once you register, you can apply to all the employers that offer internships through Jobbsprånget.

How much does it cost to participate?

It is free of charge to participate in Jobbsprånget.

I recommend newcomers not to waste this precious opportunity to find a suitable job.
Ghewna, civil engineer from Syria and Jobbsprånget intern at SIS.

Applications are open now!

The application is open July 16th – August 16th 2020. Register and apply now on the Jobbsprånget website, for a chance to get an internship this summer!

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8 Comments on “7 out of 10 get a job after an internship with Jobbsprånget

Muhammad Sohail Khan
22 December, 2016 at 15:58

Hi I am a dentist living in malmo, i have a evaluation decision of my bachelor degree in DENTISTRY, Swedish language is requirement and i am learning it but i am eligible for this praktik, let me know and there is any your office in malmo that i meet some one, let me know please;
Kind Regards

The Newbie Team
22 December, 2016 at 16:03

Hi Sohail,
For the most accurate information contact Jobbsprånget directly. You have the link in the post or here and you can contact them directly. You find the contact info here Good luck!

Dora mohamed
6 January, 2017 at 16:46

I am socialogo and I live in Sweden for four month and my husband is bekery we are looking for a job we have a resident from Greece for a long time we hope to help us to find a job.thanks

7 January, 2017 at 01:15

Hi !
Just i want to ask that can i get a job att the same company wher i start my project with after 4 month or it will be just like a practicing with them in my career?
Beat regards !!

9 January, 2017 at 00:03

Jag är Arkitekt med 10 år erfarenhet flyttat till Sverige sedan två år. Jag avsluta SFI och fått min bedömning från UHR som Arkitektur utbildad så jag hoppas att guider mig till rätt spår för ha en jobb eller praktik ..


Debashish Roy (Deb)
19 February, 2019 at 15:19


I am an IT Infrastructure Management professional working in India now and want to move to Sweden. Could you please suggest me any IT Management internship available.
I am fluent in English and have years of experience in IT Management.

Thanking you,
Kind regards

Debashish Roy

Shujaat Dar
19 February, 2019 at 19:31

Name:Shujaat Ali Dar
Email :
Phone No. +91 8715095842, 7006365412
Address: Budgam India
1 year in Bicycle repairing and plumber plumbing
1 year experience as Construction Worker
1 year in Farm (cows)
Experience in Orchards gardening
I have my own orchard (apple)
I have 4 year’s experience in sales and as supervisor.
I will work hard at best to make our products sell.
Besides that i will use every legal means to your business across the city and state.
IELTS: 5.5 Bands
Speaking 6.5 bands
Besides this i speak
Hindi, Urdu, Kashmiri , Punjabi
B.A Kashmir University
Please if u have any vacant post for job…
I will be thankful…

Kind Regards

Shaik sumair
24 July, 2019 at 11:02

Hi i am shaik sumair student of italy pursuing my masters in International Relations/ International Trade.
Can i apply for relevant interships in sweden(

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