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The Newbie Guide to Sweden has more than 30.000 of visitors every month and currently over 700 pages with information about relevant aspects of Swedish society (legal, Swedish, work, health, social, etc) in English and Arabic languages. Visitors who reach an individual page are usually highly invested in that topic which makes them strong leads.


In order to have your business listed on our Small Newbie Business Directory, you need to:

  • have a company registration number;
  • be a small business with a still limited yearly revenue,
  • be a Newbie entrepreneur or offer services/products specifically for Newbies.

Is your company too big to fit the criteria for the Small Business Directory? First of all, congratulations! 🙂 Secondly, if you want to reach out with your products or services, then let’s talk! We have great marketing packages for the slightly smaller to very large businesses.

How it works

1. Complete the application form

We will ask for information about your company and an indication of the packages you want to go for. Find the application form here.

2. Pick one or more packages

    A listing on our Small Business Directory that leads to your website is free of charge. We will be constantly marketing this page to our Newbie community as way to support small businesses in Sweden.
    If you are a small business that qualifies for our directory, we offer you a VERY discounted price for exposure on our Facebook, Instagram, Newsletter, or Blog. This will be charged on a one-time basis via invoice and must be paid in full before publication.

3. Follow-up

After you fill the application form with an indication of the packages you are interested in, we will get back to you via email to let you know if you are qualified to join. We will also discuss any details related to packages before we close a deal.

4. Cancellation

If you would want to cancel your spot in the Small Business Directory just send us an email at We require 10 working days to cancel your spot on the Directory and will send you your final invoice on the next fixed quarterly invoicing.

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