24 October, 2019

Join Mångfaldsfestivalen (The Celebration of Diversity)

Mångfaldsfestivalen (The Celebration of Diversity) takes place on the 24-27th of October in Stockholm. It is organised by and for asylum seekers, other migrants, and their Swedish friends. As the Swedish weather is getting worse by the day and the sun is disappearing, we invite you to enjoy our multiple cultures, explore, have fun and make new friends. Let’s be in great company in the coming winter! It is free!

Friday 25 October

14.00-15.00 Kulturfyren stora salen
Kulturkram – Body Art Mind workshop. We, humans, are social, cultural animals. How can we keep each other healthy through culture? A workshop for people from different cultures who want to meet and learn from each other.

15.00-16.00 Kulturfyren stora salen
Urban Fusion – meeting through dance. Urban Fusion is a space for humanity and authenticity, for self-expression. In other words, we focus on joy, love, closeness and respect. Come and explore yourself and others through dancing and movement.

Saturday October 26th

10.00-11.30 Eric Ericsonhallen
Doors open for playing (Öppna dörren för leken) – workshop for parents and children. Lekfrämjandet helps children through play to strengthen their joy of life and sense of participation. Adults are welcome to learn this wonderful skill with their children.

19.00-20.30 Eric Ericsonhallen
Mångfaldsföreställning – The festival’s big diversity show, where we play, sing and tell each other stories through art and music.

Sunday 27 October

10.00-12.00 Eric Ericsonhallen
Open song and music workshop with Gränslösa röster (Voices without Borders) and Songlines under Cecilia Q Öhrwall’s leadership. Try music from all over the world.

11.30-12.00 The doors open for those who want to hear the results of the workshop.

Gränslösa röster is a multicultural choir comprised of immigrants and a few Swedes. They have sung together many years, performing at big venues, including the Swedish famous Melodifestivalen. Come and enjoy their warm, uplifting and very welcoming atmosphere. You will be moved!

13.00-15.00 Folkhögskola stora salen

Flamenco workshop. An introduction to the various elements of flamenco: rhythms, vocals, and steps. Together with one of Sweden’s greatest flamenco dancers and educators: Gabriela Gutarra. Flamenco is a truly multicultural art form which is great fun to explore and experience together. ¡Vamos!

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