Get an ID-card

ID-card/ بطاقة الهوية الشخصية

Having a Swedish ID-Card – a so-called IDkort – will make your life in Sweden a lot easier. You need it at all times.

When picking up packages from the post office or when you wish to open a Swedish bank account. In order to get an ID-card you must:

    • Be registered as living in Sweden (have a personnummer).
    • Be at least 13 years of age.
    • Have your parent/guardian´s approval if you are less than 18 years of age.

A Swedish ID-card is not valid as identification when travelling in the EU. For international travel, you need a National ID-card, which you obtain at any passport office in the country.

How to apply for a Swedish ID-card

The process of applying is as follows:

    • Pay the application fee.
    • Go to a Tax Agency offices that issue ID card.
    • You do not need to bring a photograph as you will be photographed at the tax office.
    • At the tax office you must make an Electronic application.
  • Bring papers to prove your identity.

Pay the application fee of 400 SEK

Start by paying the fee of 400 SEK. Remember to print and bring the receipt of the payment or you will have to wait until the payment reaches the Swedish Tax Office. Make your payment to the following accounts:

  • Bankgiro 389-0100

Remember to quote your personnummer (personal identity number) in the field for messages/other information. If you prefer to pay from abroad, you will need the following codes:

  • IBAN): SE55 1200 0000 0128 1012 1613

Prove your identity

Prove your identity through an approved ID document (mostly a passport). You have two options if you lack an approved ID document. The first option is to bring your Swedish residence permit with you and allow the Tax Agency – Skatteverket to compare the information in your residence permit with the information in your application.

The second option is to bring a family member, friend or employer (a so called attestor) with you when you apply. You will also need to tell them your personal number – personnummer. You will be photographed and measured at the office.

Last but not least, the ID-card from Skatteverket comes with an e-identification function. This might be quite useful, especially if you wish to use the e-services that many government offices offer.

Processing times

Processing times are generally about two weeks. If something in your application needs to be investigated, it may take longer. You will receive a letter from Skatteverket when your card is ready. You need to collect your ID-card in person and within two months. Remember to bring your letter with you.

Note: the letter contains your PIN and PUK that you will need for your e-identification. Don’t bring this part of the letter with you when you collect your ID-card. Never keep your codes together with your ID-card.

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