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A thing worth considering when settling in Sweden, is insurance. The social security insurance (provided by Försäkringskassan) covers a lot but not everything.

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It might therefore be a good idea to look into the different private insurance companies and what they offer.

There is no legal obligation to sign up for insurance. However it is strongly recommended to at least sign up for home insurance – so called hemförsäkring as this insurance will cover most cases of bad luck.

Home insurance – Hemförsäkring

This insurance usually covers:

  • belongings in case of theft/fire/accidents
  • liability and legal related expenses
  • travel related costs

The home insurance is generally linked to your home and covers everyone who is registered – folkbokförd in that household. This is why you will need a Swedish personal number – personnummer, in order to sign up for a home insurance.

Companies that offer home insurance – hemförsäkring

All the major insurance companies offer home insurance. You can sign up for a home insurance online or visit any of their offices. Here we list some options for you:

Consult a comparison site

It is important to compare the prices between companies before you decided which insurance to go for. The price can differ a lot from one company to another. Make sure to check the conditions before making your choice. Here are some online comparison services:

  • Compriser – comparison service for private home insurance
  • Konsumenternas – guidance on banks and insurance – information in Swedish

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