Residence permits

You should apply for a residence permit if you want to work, study or stay in Sweden for more than three months. There are different types of residence permits and they are granted on various grounds – such as work, family or studies in Sweden.

About residence permits

Who can get one? How do I get one? And where do I get it? Here we give you information about all things related to residence permits.

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Temporary residence permits

If you meet the requirements, you will probably start by getting a temporary residence permit the first time you apply.

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Permanent residence permit

A permanent residence permit allows you to live and work in Sweden for an undefined period of time.

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Residence permit based on family ties

You can get a residence permit based on family ties. A family in Sweden is just not limited to the traditional “mummy, daddy, child” concept.

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Residence permit based on employment

Another ground for granting residence permits is work. More than 19.000 residence permits where granted in 2013 due to employment.

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Residence permits for students

Residence permits are granted for studies in Sweden and there are two main requirements for you to fulfill.

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Work Permits for citizens of Australia, Canada, New Zealand and South Korea

Australia, Canada, New Zealand and South Korea all have a work agreement with Sweden.

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Residence permits for asylum seekers

A residence permit for asylum seekers is for people persecuted in their own country.

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Residence Permits for EU citizens

As a EU citizen, you can live, study and work in any country within the EU and you may be able to bring your non EU family with you.

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