Permanent residence permit

Permanent residence permit

A permanent residence permit – permanent uppehållstillstånd, PUT, allows you to live and work in Sweden for an undefined period of time. With a PUT you have almost the same rights and obligations as any Swedish citizen.

Having a permanent residence permit does not entitle you to

  • A Swedish passport
  • To vote in the national elections
  • Nor does it entitle you to do the military service or to exercise any military occupations

Having a Swedish citizenship (instead of a PUT) will make it a lot easier if you wish to move to another EU country. It is possible – yet more complicated – to live in another EU country with a Swedish PUT.

The Swedish Migrations BoardMigrationsverket, has the right to revoke your permanent residence permit if you move to another country or spend more than one year outside of Sweden. It is therefore important to check with the Migrationsverket – before you leave – if you plan to spend more than one year abroad.


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