Residence based on family ties

residence permit based on family

What are the requirements to apply for a residence permit based on family ties? You can get a residence permit based on family ties and the Swedish Migration Board Migrationsverket has a quite generous understanding of the concept of family and includes the following members:

  • wife/husband
  • registered partner
  • common-law spouse
  • fiancé and
  • unmarried children (under the age of 18)

This means that you could be granted a residence permit in Sweden based on family ties, if you e.g. have a husband or wife that legally lives and works in Sweden.

Note: you don’t need to be married to the person you move to. Being common-law spouses is a fully valid ground to be granted a residence permit.

Furthermore, Migrationsverkets definition of family is not restricted to a heterosexual understanding off it. Gay couples are welcome to apply for a residence permit in Sweden on the same conditions as heterosexual couples.

Note: In order to extend your residence permit you must still remain in a relationship with your partner. However, if your relationship has ended, you may, in certain cases, be permitted to stay.


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