Want to visit family and friends in Sweden? Or are you curious about Sweden and want to have a look? Well, then you need a visa which is – simply put – a permission to spend a limited time in Sweden. You get this permission from the Swedish Migration Board – Migrationsverket.

A visa is generally valid for 90 days. After its expiration you must leave the whole Schengen area – for at least 90 days before you can apply again.

However, not everyone needs a visa to enter Sweden (or the Schengen area). In fact, many countries have an agreement with Sweden, which enables citizens of those countries to enter Sweden without this particular permission. (Chose your language for translation in the website browser) Check with your embassy to get the most updated information.

Where do I apply?

You can apply for a visa at any Swedish embassy or consulate in the world. Find out where your closest Swedish embassy or consulates is located by using Google.

Note: the nearest Swedish embassy or consulate may not be in your own country, as Sweden is not represented in every country. You have two options if this is the case.

  • Find out if Sweden is represented by another Schengen country.
  • Travel to the nearest country with a Swedish embassy or consulate.

When should I apply?

Processing times vary depending on when you apply and in what country, but you usually get a response within two weeks. Processing usually takes longer during June – August, as this is the summer vacations in Sweden. Try to submit your application about two months before your planned trip.

Requirements for a Swedish visa

  • A valid passport, with an expiration date of at least three months after the final date of your visa.
  • Money to cover the cost of your stay in Sweden. The money required is generally 450 SEK/day. This required amount is sometimes reduced – if you e.g. can prove that you will stay with relatives/family during your visit.
  • A medical insurance that covers the costs of an eventual medical emergency. The insurance must cover expenses of at least 30 000 EUR and be valid in the whole Schengen Area.

Different types of visa

  • A regular visa is valid for 90 days with the possibility to apply for an extra 30 days.
  • A D-visa covers stays in Sweden for up to one year and is mostly valid for one or more entries.

Requirements for a D-visa

  • Have received an invitation from the person you intend to visit.
  • Be able to provide for yourself for the duration of your stay in Sweden.
  • Have a passport that is valid for at least three months after the last date of your visit.
  • Have a return ticket or the money to buy one.
  • Note: Your application must clearly state why you need to stay in Sweden for more than 90 consecutive days.

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