4 May, 2020

Kickstart your freelance career in Sweden


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Are you moving to Sweden and feeling nervous about your career options? Or maybe you already live there and want to give your career a boost or a breath of fresh air? If that is the case, then there are several great options for Swedes and foreigners alike to get a good start to a freelance career in the Nordic country.

The demand for copywriting

For at time where information can be conveyed in so many ways and through so many channels, you may think, that writing texts wouldn’t be as needed. But that is far from the case. The many new channels and platforms create a high demand for copywriting of all sorts. 

If you are a strong writer with good skills within storytelling as well the ability to explain different subjects, then this freelance job might be the right option for you. You won’t have to write in Swedish as there often is need for English texts.

Consult in your area of expertise

Do you have a strong knowledge of a subject and would be able to help other people by sharing that knowledge as well as your advice and experience? Then being a freelance consultant might be the career path for you. You can take you work online and consult people from all over the world, and once again you would not be required to use Swedish as a part of your job even if you are based in Sweden.

Get people started on investing

There are lots of good reasons to start investing, but many people are uncomfortable with getting started without having assistance. That assistance could potentially be you. Have a look at this website to start building your investment knowledge.

As we all know, young people nowadays struggle to find the money to pay off student debts and finding jobs despite having university degrees, and with the COVID-19 crisis things are even more unstable. So investing there small amount of money is probably not on the top of the list. But investment should be for everyone, and starting early is an advantage, even if it is with a small amount. This could potentially be the angle you want to take and start an investment blog targeted at younger generations.

No language barrier

One thing many foreigners may worry about is the language barrier when moving to another country. This could potentially be an issue when it comes to finding a job. But fortunately, it doesn’t have to be. With many of these freelance positions, it doesn’t actually matter where you are based. You can be a copywriter for an American company while living in Sweden and you can easily consult people all over the world by doing it over the internet. 

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