Our story

Far back in history, in 2010 to be more precise, a question was put to a woman who was to become the founder of The newbie Guide to Sweden. The question was, "how do I get married in Sweden?" And the answer was "eeeerm, let me find out". This question, along with a lot of other Sweden related questions became the starting point for what was to be The Newbie Guide to Sweden which was launched in 2015.

About us

So what is the Newbie Guide? Well, the Newbie Guide is a digital platform that collects, translates and explains most of the things you need to know in order to make Sweden your home - both practical, social and cultural and that has helped thousand of newbies relocate and make Sweden their home.

The Newbie Guide to Sweden has:

  • Over 800 pages of free content for newbies in Sweden.
  • About 40.000 visitors every month.
  • Over 6 years experience helping and supporting newbies in Sweden.
  • A dedicated team of Swedes and newbies who have first hand knowledge of what it is to be a newbie AND the expertise and experience to provide solid and useful support.

But this is not The Newbie Guide to Sweden you will now very cleverly point out. And you are of course correct. This is Newbie Learn! But as the name probably tells you, Newbie Learn and The Newbie Guide are related. Newbie Guide is an information platform and Newbie Learn is a digital course platform where you can pick a course and delve into a particular topic.

During our years with The Newbie Guide we have realized that the more specific the information, the better. It can be really confusing to move to a new country and you often don't know which questions to ask or which answers to look for. So based on this information and all your feedback and input, we have created these courses that we know can be useful to your journey as a newbie in Sweden.

This site is owned, managed and published by:

  • The Newbie Guide to Sweden, (hereinafter referred to as “The Newbie Guide”)
  • with organisation number: 556934-4905.
  • Address: Ballonggatan 5, 169 71 Solna
  • Contact us at newbielearn@thenewbieguide.se


Say hello to our team

We are a dedicated team working hard to bring good support and help for newbies. Get to know us!

 Julieta Spoerer

Julieta is CEO, Sales Manager, and co-founder of The Newbie Guide to Sweden. Julieta got the initial idea to The Newbie Guide almost a decade ago thanks to the lack of a surname on a door. An avid book reader, Julieta happily rereads books many times and loves to travel but hates to fly.

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Hana SG

Hana is co-owner and our Partner Operations Manager and SEO strategist. She offers SEO and digital marketing consultancy and services dedicated to small businesses through her brand. Additionally, she is a specialist in English Literature including literary theories and Climate Change in Literature.  Send us a message using our contact form if you want to get in touch with Hana or through Instagram.


Valeria Vitale

Valeria is our Blog and Website Manager and co-owner. She is originally from Italy, but she likes to define herself as a “free spirit”, a traveler of the world. Valeria travels to seek originality, after living in Ireland and Germany, she landed in Sweden. Currently she is studying Sustainable Enterprise Development.

We hope you enjoy the courses and that they are useful to you.

Take care and stay safe,
The Newbie Team