22 May, 2017

Meet Natalia – our fantastic volunteer and community manager

The Newbie Guide to Sweden wouldn’t be what it is today if it wasn’t for all of the wonderful volunteers, bloggers and newbies who share their stories, experiences and skills with us. And because of this, we want to do a little shout out for these fabulous people.

We started by asking her how she ended up here

My name is Natália, I am from Brazil and I ended up in Sweden because my partner got a job here and we decided to go for the adventure together. I am currently doing a Master’s in Media and Communication Studies at Stockholm University, volunteering with The Newbie Guide and, of course, (jaha!) learning Swedish.

You volunteer with The Newbie Guide. What do you do there?

I contribute to The Newbie Guide by producing fun and engaging social media content. It can be quite challenging to be a newcomer in Sweden, but I believe in always looking at the bright side. That’s why I like to talk about the Newbie life with a sense of humor and positivity.

Also, I am quite enthusiastic about digital media empowering people – that includes myself! So, I am constantly exploring free tools and online courses to learn how to design, produce videos, run digital campaigns, and so on. More recently, I have been contributing to inbound strategy as well. And I am thankful for the Newbie team for trusting me with the space to develop my skills and creativity.

How did you hear about The Newbie Guide to Sweden?

I found out about the project when I was still in Brazil looking for information about Swedish lifestyle, working and studying opportunities.

Why did you decide to volunteer?

First of all, The Newbie Guide is a purpose-driven project, which inspires me to make a difference in this big messy wonderful world. Also, I thought that a good starting point to pave my professional journey in Sweden, among other things, would be by networking and working on local projects and add those to my portfolio. It has been an extremely pleasant and productive experience.

Is there anything you want to do a shout out about?

I am looking for jobs in English-speaking companies. I am a journalist with five-year experience on strategic content planning for social media projects, corporate communications, and news outlets. If you need a full of energy creative hard-worker to help your company grow, please count on me ????

Read Natália’s full story here

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