10 August, 2017

Meet Liam – volunteer and translator extraordinaire


Liam joined the newbie volunteer team in the middle of 2016 in order to help us reach out to an arabic speaking audience. He is responsible for the fantastic translations into arabic and also helps us manage our   Newbie Guide to Sweden Facebook-page in Arabic. Thank you Liam!

Please tell us a little bit about yourself

I was born in Syria in august 1996, and I lived there until I moved to Turkey in 2013. In Turkey I studied Turkish and I worked and continued my education. I worked mainly with Cellphones and computers technical support, and I also worked as a photographer, translator and tourist guide. I moved to Sweden in 2014, after I graduated from a Turkish high school. In Sweden, I have lived in different cities and I kept changing schools until I finally started doing the IB Diploma in Västerås in August 2015.

What volunteer work do you do with us?

I mainly translate articles from English to Arabic, and I will soon start writing my own stories in both Arabic and English.

How did you hear about The Newbie Guide to Sweden?

I was searching online for volunteer opportunities that involves translating skills and does not require Swedish, and there I found The Newbie Guide to Sweden.

Why did you decide to volunteer?

I wanted to help with something I like to do, and I found The Newbie Guide`s stories interesting and different from what other Arabic websites are publishing.

Do you want us to do a shout out about something?

No, thank you, here is nothing that I’m looking for at the time.

The Newbie Team
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