7 May, 2017

Meet our fantastic blogger Lydia

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The Newbie Guide to Sweden wouldn’t be what it is today if it wasn’t for all of the wonderful volunteers, bloggers and newbies who share their stories, experiences and skills with us. And because of this, we want to do a little shout out for these fabulous people.

Lydia is our super blogger and produces really insightful blog posts every week. She is also often found out and about the city of Stockholm taking pictures for our Instagram account or making little videos about current events.

We started by asking how she ended up in Sweden

I’m Lydia, a 19 year old girl from the Netherlands. I’ve always loved nature, and Scandinavian nature and freedom has fascinated me ever since I was a kid. Norway is absolutely beautiful, but the high mountains and rough weather can be a bit overwhelming. That’s why Sweden has always been my favorite: calm people with beautiful nature.

You are a blogger at The Newbie Guide to Sweden. What do you do write about?

My posts are pretty random I think. Sometimes I write about more personal stuff, other times I know that many people have the same thought process/problem, so that’s what I then write about.

How did you hear about The Newbie Guide to Sweden?

I saw it on Facebook once and it seemed really fun! I’ve always liked to share my thoughts with other people, and writing really helps me with all the “moving to another country” issues! It’s really nice to read the comments I get on my posts and feel like I’m not the only person who’s had certain issues here, or to make people feel like they’re not alone!

Is there anything you want to do a shout out for?

Luckily I’ve got everything I can wish for here in Sweden, but I’m always up for meeting new people! So if you ever want to go for fika with me (and help me with my kanelbulle addiction), let me know. Oh or if you are interested in running/going for longer walks, I’m also really up for that. I don’t want to join like a real runners thing, but I still enjoy running with other people more!

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