31 January, 2019

New Year, New Beginnings


As I spent my Christmas holidays in Portugal, where the average temperature was around 18°C, it was a bit hard to face the cold temperature and short days in Sweden. But it will change soon. And in the meantime, 
I would like to show you what to do in Stockholm, especially when you are tired of the long nights and the Swedish det finns inget dåligt väderbara dåliga kläder* doesn’t speak to you at all. Enjoy! 

The National Museum 

How about a trip to the freshly reopen National Museum? Over the last years (since 1930s) windows in NM where bricked up in order to keep the masterpieces safe and unaffected by the sunlight. But after developing special filters, opening the windows again was just a matter of time and finally has come true. After the renovation, admiring the beautiful view of Gamla Stan from the 1st floor of the Museum (especially during the sunset!) is as marvelous experience as looking at the paintings and sculptures. 

Few words about The NM building, which is a piece of art itself. The National Museum was completed in the year 1866. The German architect August Stüler designed the National Museum in two different styles: the Florentine and the Venetian Renaissance. The National Museum is the house of the biggest art collection of Sweden and takes care of the cultural heritage, preserves arts, makes it accessible to the public and provides art education. 

In the Museum you can see three ongoing exhibitions: The Design Depot (1200 objects related to Swedish Grace, Art Nouveau, Pop and Print and many others), The Design Stories (contemporary Swedish design with short video complementation) and newly reopened sculpture courtyyard with beautiful and poetic scultpure of a women that you can see below. 

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The Garden of the King is just a few steps away from The National Museum but provides attractions of a different kind. In spring Kungstrӓdgården blossoms and turns into a fairy tale. In winter it doesn’t lose any of its charms and gets filled in with people wanting to try ice skating in Stockholm’s city centre. If you get too cold or too tired on an ice rink, try one of the museums nearby: MedelhavsmuseetDansmuseet or the beautiful synagogue Adat Jeschurun. If you continue your trip in Stockholm, try The Sweden House – a tourist office with fantastic books, souvenirs and tickets to some of the attractions in Sweden. 

As you can see, just a short walk can offer you plenty of attractions that are changing during the year and that are never the same. Every season for these places is a new beginning. So have a good trip and please accept my very best wishes of health, happiness and luck for 2019! 

*There is no bad weather, only bad clothes – Swedish proverb. 

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I was born in Berne, where I grew up. My parents were migrants from Italy. I spoke Italian at home and Swiss German at school. As Psychologist and Psychotherapist I have worked in many Centers for Psychiatry and Psychotherapy in Switzerland. On August first, 2018 I moved from Switzerland to Sweden because my partner has got an employment for 12 months at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm, Sweden. As I do not have an employment here, I decided to become a volunteer with the precise aim to be useful for the community on the basis of my professional background.

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