11 November, 2018

A Newbie parent in Linköping

I live in Berga in Linköping and I have no family here. It was really hard for me to adapt to all the changes, especially for a first-time mother. Luckily, Sweden is known to be very kid friendly. Parents and parents to be will be interested in knowing that nearly anywhere you go, there is a kid’s corner. In addition to that, open preschools are perfect for children and parents. When going out with kids, it is easier for parents if the kids are entertained. Here are some of the places I have been finding around.

Open Preschool

I had an appointment for my son in the BVC (child care center) as a regular checkup when the nurse informed me about the open preschool (öppna förskolan).  

In open preschools, you can meet people and socialize while kids play. The open preschool I went here in Linköping gave “mamma-barn Svenska”, which is a Swedish course a mother can attend for free with her child. It was a perfect start for me to start learning the language. I met a lot of new people.  

However, open preschools have only certain opening times so I started browsing the internet for places to go with kids here in Linköping. I found several places including indoor playgrounds, malls, and outdoor playgrounds. 

Stores and Restaurants

At the malls here, you can find kid’s corners. For example, my favorite mall I-Huset has 2 indoor kid’s areas and one outdoor. Ikea has several small play stops other than the play area found in their restaurant. A lot of malls have breastfeeding rooms too.  

I even like a restaurant here “Ming Express” which has a seating area for kids with small stools and tables, with a screen and several toys.  

As a parent, I do look into these things a lot because going out with kids is not so easy. I found out these places gradually and I wish someone informed me about them sooner. I really hope these pieces of information help some Newbies.  

For newbies living in Linköping, you can also visit this website, it provides useful information about places around you.  

Embracing the change

In my country, Lebanon, kid-friendly areas are now being improved and considered important. Before, you couldn’t easily find playgrounds and entertainment centers for kids of all ages. Now, malls have arcades and small play areas. Outdoor playgrounds in restaurants are also being developed. I think countries similar to where I come from should really take some ideas from Sweden.   


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Sara Al Arab
My name is Sara. I was born in England but lived mostly in Lebanon. I moved to Sweden in 2015 to live with my husband. I live in Linköping. I have a bachelor's in Business. I am still taking Swedish lessons and hoping to find a job soon.

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