11 November, 2016

Build a network with ÖppnaDörren

ÖppnaDörren has one simple but powerful goal: making newcomers and Swedes meet. They are convinced that many of the challenges newcomers face during their initial time in Sweden can be overcome if newcomers are enabled to build social and professional networks at an early stage. Since the launch of ÖppnaDörren in November 2015, they have successfully matched 9 000 Swedes and newcomers.

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An open door to Sweden

Öppna DörrenEight out of ten jobs are mediated through contacts in Sweden. This means that most jobs remain invisible and unreachable for those who lack the right contacts. This is a problem for the Swedish society as a whole, but it is particularly problematic for newcomers, as they often lack a professional and social network. ÖppnaDörren was launched a year ago to address this particular problem. Their objective is to encourage newcomers and Swedes to connect, build networks, and friendship.

„Looking for a new job or trying to establish more professional contacts can be daunting for non-native Swedes, so this service really helps with making the initial contact that much easier and accessible. Petrine Knight, participant in Yrkesdörren

Build a network from scratch with ÖppnaDörren

ÖppnaDörren currently consists of four initiatives. Each initiative encourages Swedes and newcomers to meet and connect. The ambition of these initiatives is to increase the diversity in the workplace as well as in society in general.



yrkesdorrenThe professional networks we have are crucial to our professional careers. Yrkesdörren is an initiative that helps newcomers and Swede expand their professional networks, by matching them with each other.

Kompis Sverige 

kompissverige-logoLooking for a good friend to share the joys and sorrows of life? Kompis Sverige matches Swedes with newcomers through in-depth interviews, with the aim of creating lasting friendships. The matching is based on interests, life-situation and personality. A requirement is to meet for at least six months, but the hope is to create lasting friendships.

Svenska med baby 

svenska-med-baby_logoSvenska med baby (Swedish with Babies) paves the way for meetings between infants and their parents from all corners of the Earth at various residential locations in Sweden. Together they aim to break down segregation and build new bridges.


invitationsdepartementet_logoWho doesn´t enjoy a tasty meal and good company? Invitationsdepartementet brings Swedes and newcomers together to do exactly that – meet, eat and get to know each other. The goal of Invitationsdepartementet is to unite food, language and social interaction and thereby ease newcomers journey into Swedish society and language.

”ÖppnaDörren is an important and fun initiative. It is very rewarding to meet people with a different background, who at the same time has so much in common with us. And we truly need them and their skills, both in society as a whole and within Martin & Servera.” Håkan Åkerström, CEO, Martin & Servera and in Yrkesdörren.


 1. What does ÖppnaDörren mean?

ÖppnaDörren has a two-folded meaning. It means “the open door” but it can also mean, “open the door”. Both are correct and accurate to describe ÖppnaDörren – as it is an organization that en encourages Swedes to open their door, but it also encourages newcomers to take the challenge and walk through that door.

2. How much does it cost?

It is free of charge to join and participate in any of ÖppnaDörrens initiatives.

3. Can I be a participant?

All four initiatives are open for Swedes and newcomers from all around the globe. There are no age, gender, nationality or religious limitations. You are welcome as you are.

4. I’m interested. How do I proceed?

You can either visit ÖppnaDörren or go straight to the initiative of your choice and sign up on their website. Remember to follow ÖppnaDörren on Facebook or Twitter to get the latest updates and news.

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