3 April, 2018

Plogging: get healthy and look after your planet

Plogging (“plogga” in Swedish) is a trendy movement initiated by Swede Erik Ahlström. It involves picking up waste/rubbish while jogging and comes from the word “plocka” (pick) and “jogga” (jog). The initiative aims to raise awareness for the environmental problems we are facing and our responsibilities towards them.

This movement has spread around Sweden so quickly that the word “plogging” is the buzziest word since “lagom”.

After moving to Sweden, I became more aware of the importance of looking after our planet. When I walk by the water, in the centre of Stockholm, I’m surprised to see wild plants, animals and people swimming. Swedes care about the environment and because of that, I’m proud to live here.

Still a lot of work to do

The amount of packaging I see in supermarkets is outrageous. More than 8 million tons of plastic end up in the oceans every year. In 2050 there will be more plastic than fish in the oceans. Recent studies have found particles of plastic in bottled and tap water!

Claudia Laborda

That’s why initiatives like plogging are so important. Even though no one wants to pick up someone else’s rubbish, this movement has succeeded by turning into something trendy.

Once you start plogging, you get addictive to it, it’s like a “positive dependence”, says Erik Ahlström, his founder.

There’s a correlation between looking after ourselves and looking after our planet. You run to get healthier and you pick up rubbish to contribute to the health of our planet. It’s a win-win, a perfect combination for our two main concerns.

This movement also aims to create the right attitude for future generations. The ambassadors who appeal to younger audiences are giving lectures in schools to teach the future generations to be “proud litterpickers”.

Ploggers are spreading to different parts of the world, sharing their findings through the internet and encouraging people to join this eco-conscious exercise.

More information about plogging

In their website you can get all the information about the movement. You can also look up their Facebook and Instagram accounts and join events to go “plogging” with other people.

Have you heard about plogging before? Do you practise it? Please share with us your experience!

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Claudia Laborda
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