24 June, 2019

Boost your career with programming – Rupert’s story

What would it be like to learn programming in 4 months? And once you’ve learned, do you need to enter the IT market, or can the programming education help you boost up your career in other areas? Here is another story from our series created with Craft Academy. If you feel that IT skills could help you run your own business, read Rupert’s story… and don’t forget about the special discount for our Newbie readers.

Created with Craft Academy

Each story is different. Not everyone learns programming to enter the IT job market. Read about Rupert’s goal when he decided to join Craft Academy.

Who are you and how come you decided to apply to Craft Academy?  

My name is Rupert Lion – I’ve launched a startup and wanted to understand more in detail about best practices in software development.

What did you do before becoming a student at Craft Academy?  

I was a management consultant, investment banker and executive recruiter for top tier digital businesses.

What was your first professional experience after you’d graduated? 

Qualified as a chartered accountant with Deloitte.

Do you have any advice for those who are trying to enter the Swedish IT job market?  

No idea! I’m not entering it!

How do you feel that your boot camp training with Craft Academy has prepared you for the job market?

I haven’t been looking for a job (see above) but if I had then it would have been great at rounding out not just the coding skills but also the more rounded team-work, process skills etc.

How has Craft Academy prepared you for a programming job compared to more ‘traditional’ training programs?  

Again, see the above. However, for people who want an IT career, the answer is likely to be definitely. They focus on a much more rounded approach to learning development which is valuable for the job market. 

Is there any advice you wish somebody had given you at the beginning of this journey? 

Work hard and commit – its an amazing experience but you only get out what you put in.

What would you say to someone thinking of signing up to Craft Academy? 

There’s no better place to learn about software development / become a developer. A fantastic and personal experience.

Craft Academy is a code school that aims to bring new talent to the market and help to solve the shortage of tech workers. With Craft Academy, you’ll not only learn how to code but also get to practice many other skills.

They are founded on the belief that modern development standards, agile methodologies, and business skills are fundamental for professional developers. The team of Craft Academy is made up of dedicated coaches with decades of experience who provide their students with the most effective training to prepare them – in an incredibly short time – to join the technical workforce.

Their courses are designed to take you from zero to a junior programmer in months rather than years. There are two tracks you can choose from:

– a 12 week Full Stack Developer Bootcamp
– or a 6 week Front End Developer with React Bootcamp.

You prepare for both tracks by taking the 4 weeks, part-time remote Introduction To Programming course. If you don’t live in Stockholm or Gothenburg to take the course on-site, you can enrol in Digital Nomads by CA – the fully immersive camps that can be taken fully remote by students.

Craft Academy gives you a job guarantee – if you won’t get a job within 6 months, you’ll get your course fee back!

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You get a 7.5% discount when you purchase the course and use the NEWBIEGUIDE code, and a 10% discount if you pay for the entire course in advance.

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