10 June, 2019

How to become a developer in 4 months – Zane’s story

Thanks to programming schools like Craft Academy, changing your career and becoming a developer in just 4 months is possible and accessible. But have you ever wondered what it looks like from the perspective of someone who has never programmed before? Then Zane’s story is for you. Sounds interesting? Then don’t miss the special discount for our Newbie readers.

Created with Craft Academy

Here you find Zane’s story who is just beginning her programming adventure with Craft Academy.

Who are you and  how come you decided to apply to Craft Academy?

My name’s Zane and I moved to Gothenburg, Sweden 3,5 years ago. After getting through the classic initial Sweden-newbie challenges like getting my personnummer, job, learning Swedish and getting a first-hand rental apartment to name a few, I finally feel well established and content in this country.

I’m a graphic designer and the idea of learning to program had often popped in my mind, although after six years at the university I didn’t feel ready to be jobless and poor again. In that sense, the accelerated learning model of Craft Academy is the perfect match for me.

What did you do before becoming a student at Craft Academy?

I work as a graphic designer for a fashion retail company in Sweden.

Why did you decide to focus on a career in IT?

I had a long sick leave from work during 2018 and when I returned I found my colleagues shaken after major cut downs. Many had lost their jobs and, I guess, even the ones that got to stay realized their own vulnerability and interchangeability in the corporate world, or at least I did. That got me thinking. It felt like programming would be the ultimate competitive edge for a graphic designer, so after a bit of research I went with that feeling.

What were your biggest concerns going into this course?

I mean, what’s the worst that can happen? Ok, the worst would be to pay almost 100k SEK and find out that it doesn’t work for me. At the same time, I am rather convinced that we are capable of anything as long as we are willing to put in some work.

Also, toxic masculinity – there seems to be no shortage of that in tech. I’ve been pretty sheltered from that kind of stuff lately as we are a very girly gang at my work, so I hope I can avoid men talking over me and slowing my progress.

What are your first impressions of the course?

Craft Academy seems like an open and no-judgemental place, coaches are there for you and there really are no stupid questions. That’s good to know, because, oh my, do I struggle. But there’s definitely a lot of encouragement and positive vibes.

What is your dream job once you are done with the course?

Good vibes and shared values are essential in any job.

Any words of advice you want to share so far?

You will be surprised to find out how much fun programming is. You will also want to bang your head against the wall. But you will also love it.

Craft Academy is a code school that aims to bring new talent to the market and help to solve the shortage of tech workers. With Craft Academy, you’ll not only learn how to code but also get to practice many other skills.

They are founded on the belief that modern development standards, agile methodologies, and business skills are fundamental for professional developers. The team of Craft Academy is made up of dedicated coaches with decades of experience who provide their students with the most effective training to prepare them – in an incredibly short time – to join the technical workforce.

Their courses are designed to take you from zero to a junior programmer in months rather than years. There are two tracks you can choose from:

– a 12 week Full Stack Developer Bootcamp

– or a 6 week Front End Developer with React Bootcamp.

You prepare for both tracks by taking the 4 weeks, part-time remote Introduction To Programming course. If you don’t live in Stockholm or Gothenburg to take the course on-site, you can enrol in Digital Nomads by CA – the fully immersive camps that can be taken fully remote by students.

Craft Academy gives you a job guarantee – if you won’t get a job within 6 months, you’ll get your course fee back!

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