28 January, 2020

Return to Sweden – Step by Step Guide

Life is about testing new things, expanding the horizons and finding just the right thing our hearts beat for. It might happen that you left Sweden only to feel a longing to come back after some time apart.

You are not a Swedish citizen, you don’t have the citizenship and you might have cut all the ropes anchoring you to Sweden when you moved out.

Now you want to give it another try.

Start over again? You remember you had to do so many things when you first arrived, will you have to go through all those processes again?

One can change its mind, right?

Let’s embark on our exploration on what applies and what not together and make the return a pleasant and easy one.

EU Citizens

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You plan on staying in Sweden for longer than three months. Other than that, you don’t really need to do anything in order to come back to Sweden, unless you are going to work or if you need any kind of special financial support along the way.

  • If you got the personal number, upon arrival you have to first contact the Tax office (Skatteverket) and inform them about your return. From now on you will be paying taxes in Sweden (again).
  • The Insurance Office (Försäkringskassan ) has to be contacted as well, in order to receive your new insurance card. If you are moving with children younger than 16, this is the place where you ask for children support.
  • Buy a new SIM card, choose the best option between different plans from our Newbie article about cell phone plans and update your telephone number.
  • Renew your bank account (again) or if you kept one, inform the bank about the change of address.
  • Update your ID card at the Tax office in case it expired.
  • Register at the Unemployment office if you don’t have a job straight away.
  • Use our helpful resources about accommodation and job hunt to get you started.

Non-EU Citizens

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Here apply many different rules and it is always advisable to visit Tax office and Immigration office first to ask about your specific case!

However, there are few things to bear in mind before returning to Sweden.

The most important factors are the time spent outside Sweden, time spent in Sweden before moving out and your personal/business connection to Sweden and the country you lived in.

If you had a residency permit (uppehållstillstånd) and lived outside Sweden up to three years you would have to live in Sweden before at least four years to keep your permit.

In other cases, the Immigration office will consider your connections to both lands, Sweden and your homeland. The first thing to do is fill in the application which you find on this page together with a lot of useful information – and then you just have to wait for the decision.

Good luck with returning to Sweden and if still in doubt whether to come back or not, check our article about the best things in Sweden!

Veronika Opatrilova
Veronika works as a Stockholm guide, writer and translator from Swedish. She was born in the Czech Republic, but, as she says, her heart and soul belong to Sweden. Sometimes she leaves for new adventures and lives in different countries, but she always comes back. She is in love with black Swedish coffee, cardamon buns and a ferry to Djurgården.

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