29 January, 2018

Semla season in Sweden

So what is this Semla that I’ve been hearing excitedly from everybody so very often this month in January? Well, it is to (my) no surprise that the Semla turns out to be this sweet creamy burger-looking thing that’s available in almost every bakery in Sweden by now.

Semla on sale in bakeries during the month from January to February.

A Semla is a wheat flour cardamom-flavored bun that is filled with almond paste and lots of whipped cream. Traditionally, Semlor (the plural for Semla) had been made for fettisdag, or Shrove or Fat Tuesday, when the Swedes ate it as their last feast before the Christian fasting period of Lent. Today, semlor makes their appearance in bakeries all across Sweden after Christmas ends, and most people love to eat them with a cup of hot steaming coffee during fika.

I personally find that the experience of eating a Semla is that of eating a dessert sandwich, with its’ creamy, sweet filling stuffed inside a large bun. It is as much fun to eat as it is to look at, with whipped cream going all over the nose as there seems to be no way to avoid it! Although I might want to add that the taste of cardamom is not so appealing to me. With that being said, there seems to be an interesting obsession for Semla with the Swedes – with it being the most popular bun sold in the country last year.

You can find the more tasty (but more expensive) ones selling at places like Vete-Katten and Gateau, though generally it can be found even at pressbyrån.

Have you tried it yet? How do you find the taste? Let me know in the comments below!

Written by June Low

Hi, I am June and I am a newbie in Sweden! I arrived in Stockholm from Singapore together with my husband and our little French Bulldog named Mochi in March of 2017 and it has been our home sweet home ever since. We’ve just welcomed a little human in our lives, so we’ll be looking forward to more adventures and future travels! Follow me on Instagram @junilicious or our dog @mochifrenchie for more updates!

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