IM Malmö

IM Malmö

im-logoIM Malmö offer a number of activities for Newbies who live in Malmö. You can practice your Swedish, try different hobbies and much more. Read on and pick the one that suits you. 

  • Tala Svenska
  • Move it Malmö
  • Tjejcafé in Herrgården
  • Läxhjälp
  • SAY (Stories, Art, Youth)
  • Tala Svenska
  • BIV and BIS
  • Activities for refugees in Rosengård & Jägersro

Tala Svenska

Come and practice your Swedish. IM’s Tala Svenska meetings takes place once a week.

More on Tala Svenska (information in Swedish).

Move it

Move it helps newly arrived teenagers find an activity in Sweden. IM arranges regular meetings in Malmö where teenagers can come and try different activities – like sports, music or go for a visit at a library or museum. The goal is to help the teenagers find a hobby they like and want to continue doing. It is also a great opportunity to practice Swedish and make friends.

More on Move it (information in Swedish).

Tjejcafé in Herrgården

Tjejcaféet (the girls café) is a place where girls between the ages of 13-17 years can come and participate in various activities. Field trips, cultural events and hobbies are planned jointly by the girls and the volunteers.

More on Tjejcaféet (information in Swedish).


IM offers help with homework to newly arrived children and teenagers .

More on Läxhjälp (information in Swedish).

SAY (Stories, Art, Youth)

SAY is an activity for children and young adults who want to express themselves creatively. Workshops with different themes are mixed with open meetings where participants can work on their project (such as sculpturing, movies, writing, photography, etc).

More on SAY (information in Swedish).


BIV (barn i väntan) and BIS (barn i start) are activity groups for children who’ve recently arrived in Sweden seeking asylum and for children who’ve recently received their residence permit and who are in the process of resettling in Sweden.

More on BIV & BIS (information in Swedish)

Activities for refugees in Rosengård & Jägersro

IM also arrange activities in Rosengård and Jägersro for asylum seekers and unaccompanied children and adolescents.