invitationsdepartementetWelcome, dinner is served! Invitationsdepartementet brings Swedes and newcomers together for dinner and good company.  The goal of the initiative is to unite food, language and social interaction and thereby ease newcomers journey into the Swedish society and language. 

  • Where? All over Sweden. Visit the website and click on the map to find your closest dinner partner.
  • For whom? For Newbies and Oldbies who want to meet and socialize over a meal.

How does it work?

Invitationsdepartementet matches Swedes with Newbies. Couples and families can be matched with anyone. Women are matched with women and men are matched with men (Invitationsdepartementet ask you to please note that this is not a dating service). Besides that, matches are only done by availability concerning time and place.

Sign up & contact with Invitationsdepartementet

You register on the site, click on the map to find your nearest dinner friend.