volontarbyranVolontärbyrån is a website that helps non-profit organisations find people who want to engage themselves in volunteer work. Volontärbyrån was founded in 2002 and is the place to find volunteer assignments in Sweden (and abroad).

Everything published at their website Volontärbyrån is reviewed and approved by Volontärbyrån before publication to ensure the seriousness of the actors.

Why engage in volunteer work as a newcomer?

There are plenty of reasons for you – as a newcomer in Sweden – to engage yourself in volunteer work. Here we list two good reasons:

  1. Engaging and helping others is a great way to build friendships. It’s an effective way to break the loneliness that many Newbies experience when they come to Sweden.
  1. It’s also a good way to show Swedish employers that you are able to find your way in a Swedish context. Many Swedish employers will ask for work experience in Sweden – something that might be hard to get if everyone is asking for it. Catch 22. However, being able to show that you are able to engage yourself successfully in volunteer work is a good way to show that you are able to work in a Swedish context.

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