3 November, 2017

Stockholm Beer and Whisky Festival


One thing about Sweden that I’m still getting used to – though I’m not sure I’ll ever get on board with – is Systembolaget. It has its benefits, sure, but the selection is limited and there remains the restriction of course.

This may well be a contributing factor to popularity of the Stockholm Beer and Whisky Festival. Over 2 weekends, upwards of 35,000 people from all over, not only Sweden, but the world, visit the festival while over 150 exhibitors show off their brews.

This year, the festival celebrated its 26th anniversary, and my guess is that it’s only going to continue to get bigger and better. Still, it’s huge as it is and you could easily spend the entire weekend there.

I started my day with beers from various breweries – it would be foolish to start with whisky – working my way up abv%, consuming the odd cheese or chocolate sample, before ending my day with warming whisky.

There are a number of brewery festivals throughout the year, but the Stockholm Beer and Whisky Festival is by far and away the biggest.

For beer and whisky fans, it’s a great day out, and you’ll probably sample some of the most interesting drinks you’ve ever had, think porters brewed with orange peel. Moreover, there’s no restriction or limitation but like I said, don’t head for the whisky first. And make sure you make plans to visit it next year!

Written by: Neelam Varia

Hej, I’m Neelam and I recently moved to Stockholm from London. I really love writing about food, events, restaurants and pop-ups, both professionally and on my personal blog ( You’ll find me spending my spare time with an IPA at a music festival somewhere across Europe, baking my own cupcakes or planning my own restaurant!

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