3 September, 2017

Stockholm Kulturfestival

The Swedish summer is slowly fading away (sad face), but in Stockholm, we are holding on as much as we can. August was full of outdoor food-based festivals, and if you ask me, there is not much else better.

One such festival that surprised me (in a good way!) was Stockholm Kulturfestival. I’d not heard of it before and happened to stumble across it when walking through Gamla Stan/Kungstragården, and I’m glad I did!

Stockholm Kulturfestival is an annual celebration of Sweden’s diversity, with this years theme being India (previous themes include France, the UK and Barcelona). Entry is free, and gives you access to amazing food, shows and various activities.

As the theme this year was India, there was, naturally, a great selection of Indian food.  From  All accompanied, of course, by overpriced beer – this is something I’m still getting used to. But it was awesome! The weather held out, the atmosphere was great, and I don’t know about any of you, but I’m a sucker for anything located by water.

As well as the food, there were performances, dance workshops and demonstrations – there really was something for everyone.

This festival, in my opinion, was Stockholm at its best. It showed just how diverse Sweden really is and it brought everyone together. Wherever you are in Sweden, be sure to check Stockholm Kulturfestival out!

Written by: Neelam Varia

Hej, I’m Neelam and I recently moved to Stockholm from London. I really love writing about food, events, restaurants and pop-ups, both professionally and on my personal blog ( You’ll find me spending my spare time with an IPA at a music festival somewhere across Europe, baking my own cupcakes or planning my own restaurant!

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