13 April, 2016

Sveriges Television launch daily news in easy Swedish

News in easy Swedish

Sveriges Television, SVT launches a newscast in easy Swedish addressed to anyone, who finds it difficult to keep up with regular newscasts. Nyheter på lätt svenska broadcast Monday to Friday and can be viewed online here.

Sveriges Television, SVT’s mission is to deliver news to everyone in Sweden. In order to reach out to citizens who find it difficult to keep up with the regular news, they have launched this new newscast that aims to cover the same news as regular newscasts like Aktuellt, Gomorron Sverige, Rapport but in easier Swedish. It is also possible to see the news with English subtitles or with an Arabic speaker’s voice.

Being able to follow up with news is important for every cititzen, but maybe especially for those who are new in the country and find themselves in the process of learning about Sweden. It is also a good way to practise your Swedish skills and learn more.

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