1 April, 2019

Sweden’s sweet holidays

Sweden is most known for its sweet treats, in various kinds and all forms and flavours. Swedish fika is an essential part of every day’s (and everyone’s) life and you should not miss it out by any chance. For some sweets, however, there is a special day in the year or even more often.

Fettisagen – eating semlor

At the beginning of the year, the ‘semla‘ (plural: semlor) or ‘fettisdagsbulle‘ has its big launch. That occasion will only happen once a year. Right before Lent, on the so-called Fat-Tuesday, Swedes trade their cinnamon bun for these buns. The semla is a cardamom-spiced bun with a cut-off top. It is filled with almond paste and topped with whipped cream.

Semlor captured by Erik Norwald on Flickr

Vaffeldagen – eating vafflor

On March 25th, there will be waffles all around. This tradition refers to Christian Carfrudagen, which indeed slightly sounds like Vaffeldagen but is no longer linked to religion. Nowadays it marks the end of winter and the beginning of spring.

Waffles captured by Eliza Adam on Flickr

Pannkakordagen – eating pancakes

Then we have the Swedish Pancake Day – wich happens every Thursday all year long, to be more precisely.  Here in Sweden, the beloved ‘pannkaka‘ (plural: pannkakor) is not part of Sunday’s brunch. It is a special treat on the afternoon, or right after lunch – as a kind of dessert. Traditionally, you will have it with whipped cream and jam. Also, you will notice that the pancake itself is rather savory than sweet.

Swedish pancake captured by Susanne Nilsson on Flickr

Kanelbullardagen – eating banelbullar

Last but not least, the most famous pastry in Sweden also has its own special day during the year. The ‘kanelbulle’ (plural: kanelbullar) is celebrated on October 4th. On this special day, you will not find any other bullar than this one. However, you can eat cinnamon buns all year long. You will probably find it difficult to survive without at least one bun a week. 🙂

Cinnamon bun captured by Marco Verch on Flickr

Have you tried any of these delicious Swedish pastries? Do you have a favorite one? 🙂

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Lara Siebert
Hejsan! I am Lara, a German Newbie to Sweden and a recent business studies and German graduate from Mannheim University. Since my semester abroad in Växjö nearly two years ago, Sweden did not let me go, as I always wanted to come back. And now, I finally will: having a bachelor’s degree in my pocket and a bucket list filled with adventures, my first stop will be a three months lasting internship in Gothenburg. As much as I am looking forward to gathering experiences in working life, I am also excited about exploring this great city with all its culture, nature and people. I hope you enjoy my impressions as much as I do. Vi hörs!

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