14 September, 2020

Swedish Autumn is here!

The summer is almost over in Sweden. However, trust me the fun is still not over. You still have time to enjoy nature before winters approach. Yes, friends enjoy the Swedish Autumn season. Now you see the magic slowly unfolds as the landscape turns to beautiful hues of red, orange, and yellow.

The million-dollar question- What to do during this autumn

Due to the pandemic, most of the famous Swedish fests have been canceled this year. Not to mention, the most awaited Autumn market at Skansen is also canceled. But you must not get disappointed. We still have a handful of activities to make the Swedish autumn interesting.

Apple of Sweden’s eyes

Photo credit: Shelley pauls via Unsplash

Yes, it is the apple picking season and one of the best outdoor activities you can do during this time. It is also a good time to enjoy the popular äppelsmulpaj, or Swedish apple crumble. The Rosehill in Ekerö or Edeby Gård in Drottningholm are the two most popular apple orchards near to Stockholm.

Go mushroom picking during this autumn

Photo credit: Jaap Straydog via Unsplash

You can engage in mushroom picking on the islands of Lake Mälaren. Adelsö is an island where many edible mushrooms and fruits can be found. Although, make sure to pick the ones that are safe to eat. You can also sign up for a day with experts.

Enjoy the Autumn Harvest

Photo credit: JESHOOTS.COM via Unsplash

During the autumn you can also enjoy the Harvest time in Kungsbacka. There are open farms in the countryside where you can enjoy locally produced food and drinks in restaurants and cafes. Learn more about the Harvest festival and events happening around this season.

Let the Museums speak this season

Now is a good time to explore about Sweden and its rich cultural heritage. The museums speak for it and this is a good time to visit the city’s popular art galleries and museums. Though the Skansen market is not up this year you can still enjoy this place. Skansen is the first open-air museum and zoo in Sweden. It beautifully exemplifies the way of life in the different parts of Sweden before the industrial era.

Watch Stockholm from a better view

Experience Stockholm from the top! Take a guided roof-top tour and experience the glory of Stockholm from an entirely different angle. Enjoy the Stockholm’s medieval skyline at dusk from a height of around 40meters. So, if you are not afraid of heights go for it.

Embrace the Swedish autumn

Photo credit@Unsplash

Last but not least be ready for the winters to set in and get creative. Make the most of the brightly coloured leaves to decorate your homes. As the cosiness sets in bring in your favourite scented candles to light up your winter corners. Enjoy the höstmys (autumn air) with your favourite cup of hot chocolate/coffee/tea.  

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