19 December, 2016

Swedish Playlists for the Holiday Spirit

أغاني نهاية السنة

The end of the year is here and we yearn for the white winter. It is almost like the way they celebrate Christmas Eve and New Year in every other country — the festive lights and red-white decorations surround you. Except, it’s freezing cold and the nights are darker and longer here. Yes, you know what I’m talking about – it’s Sweden!

Sometimes the myriad of tiny lights and the knee-high snow can make you feeling magical, and nothing makes the season even more Christmasy than holiday music.

Jul, which means Christmas in Swedish, peaks on the night of December 24. They call this event julafton, and usually during this night, most people will gather with their friends and family to dine, drink and then unwrap their julklappar (Christmas gifts).

With a little help from my Swedish friend, I collected some songs that gives an idea of what Swedish Christmas seems like to a newcomer like me. Plus, it is helpful to get used to the language by constantly listening to these Swedish lyrics.

First playlist

In the first playlist, I compiled ten songs dedicated to those who would like to immerse and discover julmusik while sipping their glögg served with pepparkakor among their loved ones.

Second playlist

If you think the holiday spirit does not end after the 24th. Then this next playlist is for you.

The morning after Christmas, the holidays continues and there are those who put their boots on and get ready to explore the town during winter break. Not everyone gets clinking glasses the night before but you are not alone! Let’s enjoy the end of the year and work on that New Year’s resolution while tuning in some interesting Swedish tracks.

Written by: Totto Pastime

Originally from Indonesia, Totto has been living in India and Singapore before moving to Sweden. While pursuing her passion in life science and medicine in Stockholm, she is exploring her new Swedish environment through music and lyrics. You can find her spending weekend nights either jamming or attending indie gigs. Besides blogging for The Newbie Guide to Sweden, Totto also writes for Infective Perspective to discuss human viruses.

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