ABF Stockholm

ABF Stockholm is a non-profit organisation who provides education for adults. 

We are a meeting place for education, knowledge and culture, for participation and democracy. Our goal is you!”

Amongst other things, they provide:

  • Swedish for asylum seekers
  • Swedish for immigrants, SFI
  • Swedish as a second language, SAS
  • Social orientation for newcomers, Samhällsorientering
  • Support and counseling, Stöd & matchning
  • Re-adjustment, Omställning

Swedish for asylum seekers

ABF in Stockholm offers Swedish courses for asylum seekers in Sweden. The courses are open for asylum seekers who:

  • live in accommodation that the Swedish Migration Board is responsible for
  • stay in an accommodation that the asylum seeker arranged on his/her own.

ABF’s Swedish courses for asylum seekers are also available for asylum seekers who have already received their residence permit but are still living at the Migration Board’s facilities.

(information in Swedish but in the right corner you find a translation button).

Swedish for immigrants, SFI

ABF Stockholm offers Swedish courses for immigrants, so called SFI courses. The courses are open for you who lack basic Swedish knowledge and has recently come to Sweden or have been here for a while.

ABF’s primary objective is that you pass the SFI courses as quickly as possible so that you can go on with further studies (e.g. Swedish as a second language, SAS) or start working. You can combine the SFI courses with work or studies. Once you complete a course you get grades and if you haven’t achieved the course objectives you get a certificate of your acquired knowledge.

 (information in English)

Swedish as a second language, SAS

ABF Stockholm offers courses of Swedish as a second language, known as SAS. These courses are for you who have completed the SFI courses or in some other way acquired equivalent knowledge in the Swedish language. SAS can be seen as a continuation of the SFI courses and the courses cover much of the Swedish that Swedish high school students learn.

Note:  you might be entitled to CSN while taking the SAS courses.

Contact ABF (or your study counselor) to learn more about time, dates and how to apply (information in Swedish).

Social orientation course, Samhällsorientering

ABF Stockholm offers a social orientation course for you who are new in Sweden. The course, called Samhällsorientering in Swedish, is divided into four categories and covers eight different themes:

  1. Arriving in Sweden.
  2. Living in Sweden.
  3. Supporting yourself and developing in Sweden.
  4. The individual’s rights and obligations.
  5. Building a family and living with children in Sweden.
  6. Having an influence in Sweden.
  7. Looking after your health in Sweden.
  8. Ageing in Sweden.

The course is offered in several languages (Amharic, Arabic, English, Farsi, French, Somali, Sorani, Tigrinya and Swedish) and serves as an introduction to life in Sweden.

(information in Swedish).

Support and counselling, Stöd och matchning

Lost your job or unsure on how to proceed with your life in Sweden? ELVIRA Kunskapsutveckling is a section within ABF Stockholm that offer support and assessment for you who lost your job or find yourself in a process of resettling. ELVIRA helps you find your way back by offering support and counselling.

„We know that all people have a tremendous potential and that sometimes you need help to find the key that leads to your future.“

Together with a tutor (called handledare in Swedish), you’ll develop an individual action plan that suits you. You will also meet with a study counsellor to get qualified help, to find your route to work. ELVIRA has a variety of seminars, workshops, short courses and other activities to choose from.

Uncomfortable speaking Swedish? Don’t worry. ELVIRA’s staff speaks several languages (English, Arabic, Somali, Farsi, Dari, Tigrinya & French) and the staff can also guide you to the right Swedish course (see the options above).

ABF Stockholm

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