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Medborgarskolan is a non-profit association that offers Swedish courses as well as cultural activities all over Sweden. Their ambition is to stimulate the search for knowledge and to encourage individual creativity and social involvement. Medborgarskolan is a non-party political and non-religious organization.

At Medborgarskolan you will find

  • Swedish courses
  • Free Swedish and orientation courses for asylum seekers
  • Courses and seminars on all sorts of topics
  • Support to start your own study circle
  • Weekly meet-ups where you can practice and improve your Swedish

Swedish courses in Stockholm

Medborgarskolan offers a broad variety of Swedish courses in Stockholm, including;

  • Crash courses for beginners
  • Swedish courses, mainly covering levels A1-B2+
  • Swedish tailored courses with a focus on conversation, presentations, and/or vocabulary

You can also take private classes at Medborgarskolan. Learn more about their offers here or download a overview here.

  • How do I apply?

You can either apply online (if you have a Swedish ID number) or at your local office.

  • Do I need a Swedish ID number in order to apply?

You are welcome to apply regardless of whether you have a Swedish ID number or not. However, the application online can only be made if you have a Swedish ID number. Please contact your local office if you do not have a Swedish ID.

  • What do the courses cost?

The price depends on the course. The cost of materials is generally not included in the course fee.

  • Is it possible to make partial payments?

Yes, you are welcome to divide the payment into two or three payments.

Free Swedish and social orientation courses for asylum seekers

Medborgarskolan offers free Swedish language courses and orientation courses for asylum seekers in Sweden. You don´t need Swedish personal number to apply: all you need is to bring your LMA-card the first time you go to the course.

Swedish from Day One (for participants from the age of 13)

Swedish from Day One is a nine-hour language course where you receive an introduction to the Swedish language and society. No Swedish language skills are required and the course is free-of-charge. The course is called “Svenska från dag 1” in Swedish. Learn more here.

Everyday Swedish (for participants from the age of 13)

The Everyday Swedish course is a 40-hour Swedish course for asylum seekers. You can also take the course if you recently received your residence permit and currently live at a facility provided by the Swedish Migration Agency. The aim of the course is to teach you the basics of the Swedish language so that you can make yourself understood in everyday situations. The pace of the course is adapted to the participants.The course is free of charge and called “Vardagssvenska” in Swedish. Learn more here.

Medspråk – practice Swedish in small groups

Medborgarskolan organizes meet-ups all over Sweden where you can meet other newcomers and Swedes and practice your Swedish. The meetings take place once a week and are a perfect way to improve your Swedish in a relaxed environment. They are free of charge and you will not be asked to take any tests or do any homework. Check out if there are any Medspråk meet-ups in your city.

Courses and seminars – a way to build social network

Medborgarskolan offers many courses and seminars. Some of the fields they cover are language, photography, art, handicrafts, cooking, gardening, culture, history, and economy.

Consider a course at Medborgarskolan if you want to learn and/or improve your skills within a topic of interest but also if you are looking for ways to broaden your network and make friends. Learn more about their courses and seminars here.

Start your own study circle

Another way to explore something new or improve existing skills is to start a study circle. Medborgarskolan can help you get started and support you in the search for course material or find a place to hold the circles. Learn more about what support you can receive from Medborgarskolan when starting a study circle.

Learn more about Medborgarskolan.