Stockholm in All its Glory

Oh Stockholm, a wondrous, lively city filled with history, culture and welcoming people. With endless opportunities, adventure, and events, Stockholm will surely become a travellers’ new favourite. Art, History & Culture Stockholm, the capital city of Sweden – made up of 14 islands, a seemingly never-ending Baltic Sea archipelago, cobblestone streets and home to palaces, […]

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Djurgården – Art and Nature in Stockholm

Djurgården is an island in the central area of Stockholm. A beloved destination for locals and tourists where one can find museums, gardens, and many family-friendly activities. Here are some places that you can enjoy during your visit.  Biologiska Museet  The Museum of Biology offers the visitors the possibility of seeing all kinds of birds and mammals of […]

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Petya, Bulgaria

Petya came to Sweden in the spring 2014. She is a twice re-located Bulgarian and devoted art lover. We started by asking her how she came to end up in Sweden.  I had visited Sweden a few years before moving. I was fascinated with what I saw but didn’t really think I would one day […]

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Pavel, Russia


Pavel is an artist, photographer, translator, travel writer, PR consultant, blogger who’s lived in Sweden for almost 6 years. He is also a dear member of the Newbie blogger team, covering cultural happenings in Sweden. “I moved to Sweden from Portugal with my partner at the time – he was a Swedish citizen. So whenever […]

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Vincent Pitcher, Australia

Vincent skiing

Vincent is a teacher from Australia. He has always wanted to live in Europe. Whilst traveling he heard of a company looking for native English speaking  teachers. After a visit to his new work place he was sold! Sweden is very green and nature friendly. There is always a lake,  a garden, some animals, trees,  and a mix […]

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