Finding The Best Activities for Kids

Moving to Sweden can seem scary and difficult, especially when you’re bringing your littles. But what many people don’t realize is that Sweden offers many free, fun and interactive activities that both you and your children will enjoy! Living as an expat in Stockholm was a lot easier than originally expected. After moving here two […]

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The Most Surprising Things for Newbies in Sweden

Depending on where you come from, Swedish culture can be more (or less) different from what you are familiar with. In any case, Sweden comes with unique characteristics that are continuously shaped by societal norms and expectations. Here are 10 surprising things in Sweden. Ad by Discover Media You Can Camp Anywhere Allemansrätten is among […]

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الدليل الاجتماعي لفهم السويديين

في معظم الثقافات حول العالم، كل الناس لديهم عادات وبعض الأشياء الغريبة التي تكون منطقية تمامًا في بلد المعين، لكن ذلك  يمكن أن يكون مربكا بالنسبة لقادم جديد. السويديون ليسوا استثناء ولديهم بعض رموز نمط الحياة التي يمكن أن تكون جيدة للمبتدئين في السويد التي يجب التعرف عليها. كمبتدئ، قد يكون من الصعب في بعض […]

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Day trip to Marstrand


Marstrand, advertised as the sailing metropolis of the west coast, is a beautiful island only a stone’s throw from Gothenburg. It comes to life during the summer, but it’s just as lovable during other seasons. I have been there several times and it never gets old, so do yourself a favour and visit Marstrand. Past and […]

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Open Preschools in Sweden: the perfect hangout for you and your baby, toddler or preschooler

If you are arriving in Sweden with a baby or young child, you will no doubt be keen to find activities to fill their days with almost from the get go.  Sweden’s fantastic network of öppna förskolor (open preschools) can be a wonderful place to start. Open preschools (sometimes known in English as ‘stay and […]

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Foreigner faux-pas


There are things that are just not done in Sweden and things that you definitely do. Here are a few I have picked up on… mostly the hard way. Recycling Swedes are very environmentally conscious, and recycling is a huge ordeal. My first week, I remember lugging all my recyclables down the street to the […]

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6 indoor activities to do in winter

“There’s not bad weather, only bad clothes”, a Swedish proverb says. Mm… Is that right? The hassle to wrap myself up with infinite layers of clothes, including two pair of socks, waterproof boots, gloves and a hat it’s not something I’m looking forward to. Although I love being outdoors, doing activities close to nature, this […]

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