Sweet Swedish Days

Have you heard of special food days such as fettisdagen, våffeldagen or even kanelbullens dag? As a newbie myself, finding out that such days exists just amazes me! Traditionally, there are various types of sweet stuff that are consumed by Swedes on certain days throughout the year. Fettisdagen – the Swedish cream bun day It is […]

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Want to go for a fika?


”Ska vi fika?” when you are asked this question in a Swedish office, the only answer you are supposed to give is ”Yes”. What have you just said “yes” to? Probably to the most common moment of relax in any office worldwide: the coffee break. The Swedes have this little word, Fika. If you wonder […]

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Alessandro, Italy

Alessandro is a freelance translator and employee at the Italian Cultural Institute in Stockholm who’s been in Sweden for just over 7 years. He studied Scandinavian Studies at the University and moved to Stockholm after obtaining his degree. I have always been attracted to small and somehow less known cultures. I studied Scandinavian Studies at the University and moved […]

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