Is there such a thing as something genuinely Swedish?

With the winter solstice around the corner and the streets waiting for snow glistening like Christmas cards, the Swedes are turning inwards, in space and time. Knowing there is no way we can overcome the darkness, we embrace it. We collect and bring home warming fragrances of citrus, cinnamon, cloves, ginger, saffron, conifer needles. Stars […]

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Lussebullar – Traditional Christmas Pastry


One of the most fun parts of moving to another country is experiencing different traditions and tastes. And, as a bonus, in my family we already love eating and cooking, so it is inevitable for us to taste and also bake Lussebullar! What is Lussebullar? It’s basically saffron bread with raisins (but when it comes to baking, it’s […]

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Sweet Swedish Days

Have you heard of special food days such as fettisdagen, våffeldagen or even kanelbullens dag? As a newbie myself, finding out that such days exists just amazes me! Traditionally, there are various types of sweet stuff that are consumed by Swedes on certain days throughout the year. Fettisdagen – the Swedish cream bun day It is […]

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What is traditional Swedish food?

“What is traditional Swedish food?” is probably the most asked questions when I go abroad. I never know how to reply. I have asked other Newbies and even Swedish friends but they don’t seem to be sure on that either. Ikea has popularised Swedish meatballs all over the world, and that’s the first dish people […]

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Predictability of pancakes

Pancakes/التكهن بالفطائر

In all cultures, there is an element of predicatability. Some things that you can feel will always happen. Things that give you a sense of security because you can depend on them. And once you know about them, you feel slightly more integrated into society.  In Sweden, it’s pancakes. On Thursdays. In most lunch restaurants and every […]

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Sanjoo, India

Sanjoo is a 44 year old concept developer, event organizer, food teacher and tour guide to India, who’s lived in Sweden for all of 18 years.  I came to study at Stockholm University but my first contact with Swedes was very hard to adjust to. However I love their individualism and responsibility. And I like […]

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