Emergency contraception (often called morning-after-pill) is a pill that you can take after you’ve had unprotected intercourse, to reduce the risk of pregnancy. The sooner you take the pill, the less likely you are to get pregnant. The morning-after pill is used to prevent pregnancy before it begins. It contains a hormone that delays and/or inhibits the […]

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There are many different contraception methods available in Sweden. Some of the more common ones are the mini-pill, spirals, hormone rings, contraceptive injections and implants. Non-hormonal alternatives (like fertility monitors) have also become increasingly popular over the last years. A midwife, gynaecologist or doctor can explain the pros and cons of the different methods and help you find a suitable option. Note: only barrier […]

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Specialist Treatment & Referrals

Some health matters require specialist treatment. If you need to see a specialist you will need a referral, a so called remiss in Swedish. The easiest way to get a referral is to visit your health centre. What is a referral – remiss? A referral specifies what kind of care you need. It states whether you […]

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European Health Insurance Card

What is the EHIC card for? How do I apply for a EHIC card? Are you a citizen of an EU country planning to come to Sweden? Then you should make sure to bring your European Health Insurance Card. This card gives you access to necessary medical treatment under the same conditions and at the same cost […]

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Health Centre

Feeling sick? Have the flu or do you need specialist care? Then you should visit your local health centre – vårdcentral. These centres provide a starting point for most medical treatments in Sweden. The staff can help you with health related matters and write referrals – remisser, which you need in order to see a specialist. You choose […]

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Free Choice of Care

free choice of care

Sweden has free choice of care – fritt vårdval. This means that you are free to go to any health centre you want. The only restriction is that the health centre must be run by, or have an agreement with the county council or region. The regulation of fritt vårdval covers medical treatments provided by: health centres – […]

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Health Care Guarantee

newbie work

Sweden has something called health care guarantee – vårdgarantin. This guarantee grants you the right to specialist treatment within 90 days, primary in your own county council and if that isn’t possible – in another county council. When does it apply? And how does it work? The national health care guarantee – vårdgarantin, applies when […]

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Patient Fees & High-Cost Protection

Swedish healthcare is largely financed by taxes and thereby made affordable and accessible for all Swedes. Nevertheless, swedes pay a small fee when they receive healthcare in Sweden. Yet, these fees are modest and the high cost protection prevents swedes from paying more than 1100 SEK a year on healthcare. You, as a newbie, are entitled to healthcare in […]

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