Never live “temporary” somewhere


Did you move to Sweden on a temporary contract? Or for your studies? Do you see your time here in Sweden as a temporary phase of your life? Then stop what you are doing, and continue reading this! When I moved 4.5 years ago to Sweden, I was the opinion that my stay in Sweden […]

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Top 5 Challenges Faced by International Managers in Sweden

تحديات تواجه المديرين الدوليين

Ad by Swedish with Mumm Working and socializing with Swedes can be challenging. There are many positives to working in Sweden and with Swedes, however there are some aspects that can be difficult to get used to. Here are five of the more challenging issues that international managers face when working in a Swedish environment. […]

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Meet our Newbie Bloggers

Are you new to our blog? Or are you already a follower of our bloggers? Either way, we want to introduce you to all our fabulous Newbie and Oldbie bloggers who share their stories and experiences. Through them, you get an insight into what it is like to be a newbie and you can also […]

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Incluso is a recruitment and staffing company focused on international talent in Sweden and Scandinavia. They recruit both for internship and regular positions and also offer career counselling for newly arrived graduates. Where? Nationwide For whom? International talent with an academic background living in Sweden. Asylum seekers, newly arrived, established talent and expats. “We believe that Sweden needs […]

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