job seeking tools

Step one: make yourself interesting for employers

step one for work / للإهتمام

There are some basics things that you can do to increase your attractiveness on the Swedish work market. Learn Swedish To work is to give, take and process information in spoken and written form. You must interact with Swedes – on their own terms  – in order to work here and that means speaking Swedish. Learn more about where and how […]

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Regulated professions

regulated professions/المهن السويدي

Some professions are regulated through Swedish law. This means that certain professions require a particular qualification or authorization in order to be performed in Sweden. Examples of regulated professions in Sweden are: nurses doctors teachers dentists diving instructors You need to validate your qualifications and get a Swedish authorization if you wish to work in any of […]

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Professions where workers are needed

work shortage/نقص في المهن

Sweden has a shortage of people with specific skills within certain professions. There is, e.g. a great lack of nurses, doctors, system developers, cooks and teachers at the moment and this shortage is predicted to persist over the next five to ten years.  Acquiring skills in any of these professions can be a way to break into the Swedish labour market. Learn more […]

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I’m a Newbie – can I find work in Sweden?

newbie work

Making it on the Swedish work market as a Newbie isn’t always easy. It usually takes a Newbie about six to seven years to enter the Swedish work market.  Of the European countries, only Spain, Greece and Belgium are slower at getting their Newbies to work. Why is this so? Well, that is a good question. One explanation could be that Sweden […]

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