Find a job before moving to Sweden

Are you planning to move to Sweden? Are you worried about the language barrier, cultural differences and looking for a job in a new environment? Moving to another country is not easy, but, as we know, possible. You can’t have control over everything that will happen, but you can actually do a lot to avoid […]

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كيف تحصل على وظيفة بخطوات عملية

في بعض الأحيان يكون من الصعب معرفة من أين تبدأ رحلة  البحث عن وظيفة. إليك بعض النصائح لتساعدك على البدء: سجل في مكتب التوظيف – Arbetsförmedlingen. هذه الخطوة يجب عليك القيام بها في أحد مكاتبهم. ابحث عن وظائف في Arbetsförmedlingen. (هذا القسم باللغة السويدية لذا قد تحتاج إلى مساعدة من صديق). اقرأ كل المعلومات بالموقع  عن […]

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Swedish Worklife – Stories from International Founders, Freelancers and those with Fresh ideas

Malcolm Larri Coaching

This weekly interview blog by Barry O’Brien, aims to highlight the stories of those who have come to Sweden and shaped their business life, delivering new services, fresh ideas and professional standards to the Swedish market and beyond. We hope it helps to motivate you to achieve great things here! #3. Malcolm Larri – Founder of ‘Brave […]

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Moving abroad with a disability

Leaving your homeland behind and moving to a new country can be a daunting experience. However it can be even more frightening for a person with a disability.  The Swedish Government’s disability policy aims to give equal access and participation to people with disabilities to all that Swedish society has to offer on the same […]

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