newbie stories

Liam, Syria

Liam arrived in Sweden in September 2014 and is currently studying an international baccalaureate in Västerås. He is one of our star volunteers, patiently translating the best content of the Newbie Guide to Arabic! He is also one of the most energetic and generous person we have gotten to meet, as he is volunteering with a lot […]

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Jyoti, India


Jyoti came from India to Sweden in January 2016. She was then living in Bangalore with her husband, they worked non stop, had no kids and were generally enjoying their lived. But they both had a desire to travel the world and so when they got the opportunity to work in Sweden, they decided to take […]

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Orlande, France

Orlande first came to Sweden in January 2013, it was her first time ever in Scandinavia. She moved to Linköping University for 6 months to complete her Bachelor degree as part of the transatlantic WELD Atlantis program. Two years after, she decided to come back and settle in Sweden last November – the famously darkest time […]

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