Never live “temporary” somewhere


Did you move to Sweden on a temporary contract? Or for your studies? Do you see your time here in Sweden as a temporary phase of your life? Then stop what you are doing, and continue reading this! When I moved 4.5 years ago to Sweden, I was the opinion that my stay in Sweden […]

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Social orientation for newcomers

social orientation/التوجيه الاجتماعي

The course “Samhällsorientering för nyanlända” provides vital information for you who are new in Sweden. In the course you learn about your rights and responsibilities, how the Swedish society is organized and practical everyday life tasks. The course is free of charge and taught in your mother tongue or another language that you understand. The […]

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The party Nya Moderaterna suggests test for newcomers in civic orientation

tests for newcomers

The Swedish Newspaper Dagens Nyheter reports that the Moderate Party – Nya Moderaterna wants to add tests to the integration course Civic Orientation – Samhällsorientering. The course is for newcomers in Sweden and serves as an introduction to Swedish society and its norms and values. Nya Moderaternas suggestions is that newcomers who do not pass the test shall have […]

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