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The Newbie Guide to Sweden has thousands visitors every month and currently over 700 pages with information about relevant aspects of Swedish society (legal, swedish, work, health, social, etc). Visitors who reach an individual page are usually highly invested in that topic which makes them strong leads. Advertising with The Newbie Guide to Sweden is: […]

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Media Kit

About Us The Newbie Guide to Sweden is an online platform that offers newcomers information about practical, social, and cultural life in Sweden, with the hope of making immigration to Sweden warmer and more conductive. Learn more here: The short facts – What is The Newbie Guide to Sweden? Who runs the company? Why do […]

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Newbie partners

There are many companies, organizations and groups who do great work and here we like to present special friends to The Newbie Guide to Sweden. Newbie friends are those we collaborate with a bit extra and/or who support us to make this an even better site for all Newbies and Oldbies. Incluso Incluso is specialized on […]

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