Plogging: get healthy and look after your planet

Plogging (“plogga” in Swedish) is a trendy movement initiated by Swede Erik Ahlström. It involves picking up waste/rubbish while jogging and comes from the word “plocka” (pick) and “jogga” (jog). The initiative aims to raise awareness for the environmental problems we are facing and our responsibilities towards them. This movement has spread around Sweden so […]

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Following the King: Vasaloppet

In celebration of the Swedish King, Gustav Vasa and his supporters, this 90km cross country skiing race is reputed to be one of the toughest in Europe.  Starting at 8am on the first weekend in March in a field outside Sälen, the route takes in the beautiful countryside of Dalarna, including some pretty steep hills […]

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Test your knowledge of Swedish sport


January is the award month. Achievements of all sorts are praised and honoured. And today is the time to award the most prominent achievements within Swedish sports, at Idrottsgalan. The show is hosted in Globen and broadcasted on SVT & SVTPLAY and in order to get you into the right mood, we’ve made a Swedish Sport Quiz to […]

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Rona, UK

Rona came to Sweden 12 years ago to do a PhD at the Karolinska Institute. After finishing her studies she was offered a dream job. She decided to stay and is now working as a medical genetics researcher at Karolinska Institute. Rona is a dear member of our multinational blog team and makes a great job covering research […]

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