Swedish Autumn is here!

The summer is almost over in Sweden. However, trust me the fun is still not over. You still have time to enjoy nature before winters approach. Yes, friends enjoy the Swedish Autumn season. Now you see the magic slowly unfolds as the landscape turns to beautiful hues of red, orange, and yellow. The million-dollar question- […]

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Gamla stan: Stockholm’s old town

Due to the pandemic, we cannot go to far off places, this gave me a wonderful time to explore Stockholm. Stockholm is known for its rich cultural heritage, the architecture of the buildings, and museums. But it also houses one of the city’s earliest settlements, still featuring the medieval street layout. Yes, you have taken the right […]

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Entertainment in Sweden: What’s popular?

Advertised by Paradigm Digital Living in another country always offers an abundance of exciting new things to do and see, and Sweden is certainly no different. If you’re considering starting a new life in Sweden, you will surely want to know about the country’s entertainment scene. So, check out the following types of popular Swedish […]

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Temporary housing solutions

Temporary housing

Advertised by Ett Smart Hotell It is no secret that we are a lot of people living on this earth. And it is also no secret that a lot of these people tend to want to live in the same places. Big cities all over the world, therefore, experience the same problem – a shortage […]

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Stockholm in All its Glory

Oh Stockholm, a wondrous, lively city filled with history, culture and welcoming people. With endless opportunities, adventure, and events, Stockholm will surely become a travellers’ new favourite. Art, History & Culture Stockholm, the capital city of Sweden – made up of 14 islands, a seemingly never-ending Baltic Sea archipelago, cobblestone streets and home to palaces, […]

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Join Mångfaldsfestivalen (The Celebration of Diversity)

Mångfaldsfestivalen (The Celebration of Diversity) takes place on the 24-27th of October in Stockholm. It is organised by and for asylum seekers, other migrants, and their Swedish friends. As the Swedish weather is getting worse by the day and the sun is disappearing, we invite you to enjoy our multiple cultures, explore, have fun and […]

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Top 10 Furniture/ Home-decor stores in Stockholm

Scandinavia is famous for its interior design. If you know where to look, you can find many high-quality pieces of furniture at 50% less than its original price for a stunning Scandinavian look. Here are some of my favourites.  There are many great bargains at shops in Central Stockholm. For more variety of choices, you […]

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