Job seeking tools

Job seeking tools/ أدوات التوظيف

The Public Employment Service – the so called Arbetsförmedlingen is an important authority in the Swedish welfare system, but they have lately struggled with their tasks and goals. You may hear some unflattering stories about them and some of them may be true, but nonetheless – there are plenty of reasons for you to sign up with Arbetsförmedlingen anyway. Arbetsförmedlingen’s main tasks matching jobseekers […]

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There is no good way to loose your employment. But there are better and worse ways. The better way is called uppsägning, the worse way is called avskedad. The Good Way If you are uppsagd you will receive full salary during your whole notice period – uppsägningstid and you will also have accesses to all other work benefits that […]

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Step three: Expand your network

Step three/شبكة الاتصال

Most jobs are found within a person’s own network. You know someone; who knows someone; who has a friend that is looking for someone just like you. The probability of finding a job through your network is significantly bigger than through work agencies. People in your network are people who know and trust you. They are […]

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Step two: Get visible on the work market

Step 2/العمل

How are employers going to find you if they don’t know that you exist? Making yourself visible on the Swedish work market is a crucial step in your job search. Register with the public employment agency – Arbetsförmedlingen Your first step should be to register with the national work agency – the so-called Arbetsförmedlingen, AMS. You will enter the whole official “job-seeking-process” by doing […]

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Step one: make yourself interesting for employers

step one for work / للإهتمام

There are some basics things that you can do to increase your attractiveness on the Swedish work market. Learn Swedish To work is to give, take and process information in spoken and written form. You must interact with Swedes – on their own terms  – in order to work here and that means speaking Swedish. Learn more about where and how […]

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Find a job

Sometimes it’s hard to know where to start looking for work. Here are some tips to get you started. Register at the Employment office – Arbetsförmedlingen. This you must do at one of their offices. Look for jobs at Arbetsförmedlingen. (This section is in Swedish so you may need help from a friend). Read up about being new […]

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Overtime & public holidays

public holidays/ العمل الإضافي والعطلات الرسمية

Swedes have more days off in May and June (on a good year) than most Americans have in a whole year. Nice, right? But what do all these bizarre names like Röd dag, Klämdag, Halvdag, and Mellandagar actually mean? What is regular work time and what is qualified as overtime? On which day does Midsommar fall? And what hides behind the term Kompledigt?  This Newbie Holiday Guide clears the […]

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Find a job through networking


Most jobs are found in a person’s own network – you know someone, who knows someone, who has a friend that is looking for someone just like you. The probability of finding a job through your network is significantly bigger than through work agencies. People in your network are people who know and trust you and are familiar […]

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Regulated professions

regulated professions/المهن السويدي

Some professions are regulated through Swedish law. This means that certain professions require a particular qualification or authorization in order to be performed in Sweden. Examples of regulated professions in Sweden are: nurses doctors teachers dentists diving instructors You need to validate your qualifications and get a Swedish authorization if you wish to work in any of […]

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