25 February, 2016

The party Nya Moderaterna suggests test for newcomers in civic orientation

tests for newcomers

The Swedish Newspaper Dagens Nyheter reports that the Moderate Party – Nya Moderaterna wants to add tests to the integration course Civic Orientation – Samhällsorientering. The course is for newcomers in Sweden and serves as an introduction to Swedish society and its norms and values. Nya Moderaternas suggestions is that newcomers who do not pass the test shall have their introduction benefit – etableringsersättning reduced.

– Only a third of all newcomers has undergone the course in civic orientation after more than 18 months in Sweden. This means that many don’t get important information concerning rights and obligations, which are crucial in order to take part in te Swedish society, says Elisabeth Svantesson spokesperson for the Moderate Party on labour market issues.

The proposal has not been discussed with the government or other parties in the Parliament.

– My hope is that the government will embrace this proposal, because we need to get started with social information earlier, it needs to be sharper, and everyone needs to participate, says Elisabeth Svantesson.

However, not all newcomers have access to the civic orientation courses. Fredrik Möller, expert of integration and establishment at the National Employment Service (Arbetsförmedlingen), says that smaller municipalities sometimes struggle to offer these courses as they lack teachers or interpreters who speak the native language of the newcomers.

– Perhaps neighbouring municipalities could come together and offer these courses together, says Fredik Möller to TT.

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